Angel Energy Drink - Guilt Free & Gorgeous

By: Angel Energy  06-Dec-2011

As perfect angels, life is sooo busy. You work and play hard while all the time having to keep up your angelic appearances. So when you need that little pick me up, Angel Energy is there to put the sparkle back in your eye and the spring in your heels. And since it’s sugar free, your halo will still shine…even after what you did last night.

Angelic sugar free energy blessed with a heavenly hit of Taurine and Guarana

This cool 300ml can gives you 20% more than the normal sized energy drinks and is only $2.60 RRP in all Caltex, Mobil, Pak n’ Save, New World, 4 Squares & Dairies.

The information in this article was current at 02 Dec 2011