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By: Angel Bay  05-Apr-2012
Keywords: Beef, Lamb, Quality Beef

Annabelle White investigates the perfect patty for the barbie

The following is an extract form an artical entitled 'Food detective' as published in the Sunday Star Times on March 22, 2009.

In the artical esteemed chef Annabelle White investigates the perfect burger patty and compares and rates Angel Bay Super Gourmet Burger Patties with three other New Zealand made products, namely:

  • Little Boys Free Range Fourmet Meat Patties Beef and Paprika
  • Pam's Original Beef Burgers
  • Andrew Corbett BB Grillers

Extract begins..

The last time we investigated these products the Angel Bay Gourmet product was the clear winner, and went on to win international awards.  So does it stand the test of time?

Angel Bay Super Gourmet Burger Patties 720g - $9.70
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All the samplers agreed these ones are still number one.  Moist, juicy, tasty, well seasoned, perfectly par-cooked.  You get six portions of export quality, pre-cooked product already looks good and your can quickly cook from frozen on the grill. Well balanced and with 69% beef - these large patties will please even the most hungry.  you could use as part of a meal rather than just for the grill.  Per 100g total fat 17.8g and sugars max of 1.3g and sodium 560mg.

Would buy again with full confidence.

Little Boys Free Range Gourmet Meat Patties Beef and Paprika 600g -  $12.89
ê ê ê ê

This brand is known for its great gourmet sausages and the free-range product used here is reflected in the price.  Gluten, MSG and filler-free with free range meat - 92% beef.  The consistency of these eight patties was "very meaty". The samplers enjoyed the quality but felt is was better suited for a steak sandwich.  Shrinks when cooking and contains preservative.  Per 100g total fat 8.1g, sugars 0.8g and sodium 446mg.
Would buy again for steak sandwiches.

Pam's Original Beef Burgers 12 Patties 600g -  $5.19
ê ê½

No artificial flavours or added colours or preservatives in the mix which is all good news and they are cheap.  But it is very much like eating a poorly made sausage than a hamburger pattie.  Light tasting and texture like a sausage roll. Seasoning good, granted salt higher.  Beef 70% and per 100g total fat 14.5g sugars 0.8g and sodium 500mg.  Can't help but ask "where is the beef?" For the money - buy the mince and add even a little seasoning and form into patties and cook please.
Honestly couldn't buy again.

Andrew Corbett BB Grillers 12 pack 600g -  $8.29

Why would you buy these? for the price and flavour you are better off buying the Pam's product - but both these products are not in the league of the top two.  Lamb and beef on contents buy no percentage given.  Tastes very like that hot mutton taste/texture and fatty aftertaste from a poor sausage roll.  From the pack the patties do not inspire confidence - you would be embarrassed cooking these on your grill at home - they can do better.  Per 100g 15.3g fat, sugars less than 1g and sodium 292mg.
Will not buy again.

- Sunday Star Times / March 22, 2009

The information in this article was current at 27 Mar 2012

Keywords: Beef, Burger Patties, Lamb, Quality Beef

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