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By: Anchor  06-Dec-2011

Made of passion.

Fresh Milk: We know that everyone loves the freshest tasting milk but we all have different tastes, is it blue you love or are you more of a trim person? We have a variety of products in the Anchor fresh milk range so you'll find something perfect for the tastes of your whole family.

Dairy Blends and Butter: A delicious range of Dairy Blends with the goodness of real New Zealand dairy for a real, natural butter taste that spreads straight from the fridge

Fresh Cream: Whip me, pour me, swirl me. A dollop, a dash, a swirl. Live in the now. Excite the senses. Pure joy!

Milk Powder: Our Anchor Milk powder is the same deliciously fresh milk dried so you can make up what you need, when you need it. Great for camping, baking or to keep in the cupboard for those 'milk emergency' situations.

UHT Milks and Creams: By Ultra Heat Treating fresh milk, we can increase its shelf life so you'll have a couple of months to use it. That means you can keep some UHT in your pantry and use it when you run out of fresh milk. Remember though that once you've opened it, it's just like fresh milk so needs to be stored in the fridge and used within 3 days.

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