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By: Anaheim Automation  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Motion Control, Printed Circuit, Linear Actuator

Anaheim Automation, Inc. offers the most impressive products of Stepper Motion control in the industry. Its stepper product line includes High-Torque Stepper Motors, "Legacy" Round-Bodied Stepper Motors, Spur Gear Stepper Motors, Planetary Gear Stepper Motors, Permanent Magnet (PM) Stepper Motors, Permanent Magnet (PM) Stepper Gearmotors, Linear Actuator Stepper Motors, and Specialty-Type Stepper Motors, such as IP65-Rated Stepper Motors and motors that integrate the motor, driver and/or controller, all in one unit. The Stepper Motor product line ranges from the smallest 08Y series with 2.5 ounce-inches of torque, to the largest 42K series, with up to 5,700 ounce-inches of torque!

Along with its vast selection of Stepper Motors, Anaheim Automation, Inc. manufactures a large variety of Stepper Motor Drivers, Indexers, Pulse Generators, and Programmable Controllers. The Stepper product offering includes many options in several levels of sophistication, such as printed circuit boards, modular single-axis units, single-axis and multi-axis Driver Packs (packages that include power supply and indexer or controller options, in fan-cooled enclosures), and integrated stepper motor-driver-controller packages (driver/controller circuitry built into the motor assembly). Users appreciate the ease-of-use of the matched components of the Stepper Motor Driver Packs and Integrated Motor/Driver/Controller units, while OEM customers appreciate the cost savings and flexibility of being able to purchase sub-assemblies, easily incorporating them into their own control panels or machinery.

This huge assortment of Stepper Products means a customer can select the most cost-effective solution, never sacrificing quality or system performance. Anaheim Automation is eager to assist in the selection of products to ensure the best possible fit for a specific application, including customization and private-labeling requirements. Anaheim Automation is a wise choice wherever precision positioning or speed control is required!

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Other products and services from Anaheim Automation


Stepper Motors

For applications where the wiring from the stepper motors to the stepper drivers exceeds 25 feet, please contact the factory for instructions, as it is likely that transient voltage protection devices will be required. Protect drivers, controllers and stepper motors from environments that are corrosive, contain voltage spikes, or prevent good ventilation.


Anaheim Automation DC Motor, and Planetary Gearbox Products

Up to Four Stack Lengths, Several Windings in Each Frame Size. Drop-In Replacement for Most Competitors, at Huge Savings. Sizes: NEMA 08, 11, 14, 15, 17, 23, 24, 34 and 42. Torque: 2.5 to 5,700 Ounce-Inches.


Stepper Square High Torque

These motors are 1.8° with four lead wires as standard, but are available in other step angles and wire configurations, as well as single and double-ended shaft models. Four, six and eight-lead configurations are standard for Anaheim Automation's stepper motor product line, and are model dependent. The 08Y High-Torque Stepper Motor series is offered in two stack versions, with torque peak torque from 2.5 to 4.2 ounce inches.


Stepper Standard Round Motor

Each standard stepper motor series has up to three stack lengths to cover a wide range of torque, ranging from 40 ounce-inches in the NEMA 23 series, to up to 1,575 ounce inches in the NEMA 42 stepper motor series. Standard Stepper Motors are also available with conduit boxes, special stepper motor windings and shaft modifications, as well as cable, connector, and encoder adders.


Permanent Magnet (PM) Stepper Motors

Anaheim Automation's TSM Series is a broad line of Permanent Magnet DC Stepper Motors, available in many sizes ranging from 15mm to 57mm in diameter. These CE Certified motors come standard with 7.5 or 15° step angles, four or six-lead wire connection, offered in several current ratings. These miniature Permanent Magnet DC stepper motors measure 20mm in diameter and provide up to 1.111 ounce-inches of bipolar torque.


IP65 Rated Sealed Stepper Motors

The IP65-Sealed Stepper Motor series is an excellent choice for lab automation, biotech, and semiconductor automation equipment, just to name a few. The economical 23Y65 Sealed Stepper Motor series is offered in three stack versions, with torque rated from 175 to 262 ounce inches. The 17L65 Sealed Stepper Motor series is offered in three stack versions, with torque rated from 38 to 83 ounce-inches.


Stepper Gearmotors

Anaheim Automation's Permanent Magnet Stepper Motor with Integrated Gearboxes are PM Gearmotors that provide precise motion at a economical price. These gearmotors are offered in six sizes with torque ranges of 300 to 4,000 g-cm, or up to 1,250 ounce-inches. Customization is available to suit a customer's exact requirements.