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By: Amazon Superfoods  06-Dec-2011



Process of freeze dried Acai Berry

Freeze drying is a relatively recent method of preserving food. It involves freezing the food, then removing almost all the moisture in a vacuum chamber, and finally sealing the food in an airtight container. Freeze dried foods can be easily transported at normal temperatures, stored for a long period of time, and consumed with a minimum of preparation. Once prepared, freeze-dried foods have much the same look and taste as the original, natural products.

The product is the utilization of frozen Açaí pulp turned into powder obtained by freeze-drying technology. This process, which consists of drying by adding a gentle heat (less than body temperature)to the frozen pulp in a vacuum chamber, inhibits the loss of properties of the fruit in relation to the traditional process of spray drying using intense heat. This assures the best properties of the Acai fruit with very little or no nutrient loss.

Freeze drying is very different from spray drying, whereby the most common method is to heat the food until all water evaporates. With freeze drying, the product in its frozen state is exposed to low temperatures in a vacuum where ice particles (water) change from the solid state to a gas as water cannot exist as a liquid in a vacuum.

Product Use & Taste

You would think anything this healthy must taste terrible - however, just the opposite is true. Acai has a berry and chocolate flavor that is truly unique and delicious. Acai Gold Powder can be used in smoothies, natural juices, yoghurts, desserts or just be creative.

We recommend a daily intake of up to 5g a day