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By: Altered Mechanics  05-Apr-2012
Keywords: Patent, Amputation, Artificial Limb

The Brilliant Team:

N Sturrock- Inventor and Pilot Subject

J Brooks- Senior Clinical Prosthetist

J Botting- Registered Nurse

Y Bartram- Special Effects (World Champ)

E Levy- Bodylight

G Andraschko- Engineer


Test the Propelleton System. Gather and measure data to determine if further testing is warranted and a live implant should be created and implanted into Nikki.


Simulator trials revealed data showing the system would work and standing on an amputated bone without pain thus reinstating the internal skeleton is an option to be pursued.

Thank you Team.

It was a grueling trial and I am honoured to have such intelligent and committed people by my side working for the benefit of mankind in the face of amputation. I see you all, able bodied with busy full lives, giving your time, energy and honesty to a cause you do not suffer and I am humbled by your humanity.

Amputation will be an opportunity

Kind regards

Nikki Sturrock

Keywords: Amputation, Artificial Limb, Patent

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Altered Mechanics is charged to revolutionize links between man and machine, partnering and enhancing artificial limb and implant technologies. Altered Mechanics is committed to transforming amputation into an era of new possibilities – ethically. Amputees will have access to this as accepted standard practice for the betterment of mankind.


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The artificial limb attachment components such as the smart knee and flexi foot offer superior benefits to the amputee; these benefits cannot be captured if the amputees socket is causing pain, this socket rim pain limits the amazing capabilities of these new advancements. Altered mechanics is created by the alteration or distortion of the principle physics and engineering of a human body’s biomechanical movement.