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By: Alpine Agriculture  06-Dec-2011
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During the Day ..

Planting Services

For about 10 years we have supplied specialist augering services, helping contract planting crews plant well over 2 million grape plants and many tens of thousands of Cherry Trees. Over the years we have refined the design of the our augers to eliminate many of the problems faced using them to loosen up planting positions for trees and grapes. Due to the lower clay content of Central Otago soils, we do not experience the problems of glazing in augered holes. Our augers have winged fowling tips that stroke the sides of the hole as they are removed causing any glaze to breakout We also operate the usual range of deeper hole cleaning augers for net poles, strainers and posts

Canopy Trimming Services

John has serviced a long list of clients for many years using a Binger Sielzug rotary canopy trimmer. After about 10 years of trimming Pinot canopies he is able to pass on subtle advantages to his clients, with a good eye for crop loading, and canopy requirements to achieve good crop, quality and finish for the season.

Winery Labour Services

In the last few years John has spent about 10 weeks as a "Cellar Rat" in a winery in the Cromwell basin. Essentially a busmans holiday, however it does result in a deeper understanding of what wine makers are looking for from the fruit the vines produce. It deepens the experience brought into the vineyard during the canopy trimming operations.

Garden Vineyard Design and Build

We have completed a few small garden vineyards, capable of supplying the owners with a 500 bottle wine cellar. It is most enjoyable to usethe skills honed in large commercial builds, in a way that is creative and rewarding.

And into the Night ..

Weather Data

In recent years we have become involved in supplying and servicing data loggers in Vineyards. The weather page on this site is supplied with data from a weather station on the roof of our office in Clyde NZ.

IT packing Shed Logistics

We have developed a number of dispatch logistics solutions for clients over the years. In the past we used MS Access as it was present in our clients IT environment. With the advent of web enbled applications, there are now many different techniques available for clients to achieve good database driven applications.The current project being worked on is a simple winery fermentation log application.

Open Source Software Solutions

With a long association, passion and interest in open source software, in particular SuSE Linux and its modern open source version, openSuSE, we have implemented many elegant solutions for ourselves, with little or no cost other than the time to write the scripts to achieve the results. The weather page is an example of a simple text based information page, derived from a MySQL (An opensource SQL server) database, with data collected from a 1 wire weather station on the office roof. A very simple and low cost system, implemented using simple cron scripts to create XML files that are uploaded at intervals during the day, to be used in the weather web page. Total cost of the station was a few hundred dollars, and the time to write the scripts.

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