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By: Alphacom  06-Dec-2011
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ALPHACOM analysts are highly motivated professional people with excellent analytical, business negotiation, and interpersonal skills. They are wholly committed to applying their in-depth knowledge and experience to reducing business costs to the lowest possible level.

ALPHACOM receives continuing input on price trends and development in cost containment and are up-to-date with the services they offer. We monitor the quality and market prices of all key providers. Analysts are responsible for gathering and regularly reviewing the market intelligence and product information.

ALPHACOM analysts are trained to conduct business with fairness and integrity and are objective when advising clients. We are careful to avoid misinterpretation and overstatement; every transaction with the client is confidential. Some companies live with expenses simply because they cannot devote staff hours to pursuing savings opportunities. ALPHACOM can give your operation that kind of attention without interrupting your business.

ALPHACOM is independent and does not represent any particular provider, which enables us to make recommendations on thorough, unbiased investigations. Our goal is to provide cost reduction solutions to our clients with optimal quality, service and value.


If you were paying too much for your Telecommunications, would you not want to know? Let ALPHACOM review your current costs to see where we can help you reduce costs. You have nothing to lose and you could have much to gain.

We conduct a scrutinising review of your Telecommunication billings, exploring for overcharges, unused services etc. At the same time, we research the options for cost reduction strategies specifically for your business.


  • Six of ten businesses are being overcharged or incorrectly charged for monthly Telecom services!
  • You may be paying for lines and services that are not being utilised.
  • Telecom billings are difficult to decipher and, therefore, difficult to verify.
  • Account Managers of the various telecommunication providers are paid by Annual Billed Revenue (ABR). This means that they get a percentage of what you spend. Therefore, they are not necessarily motivated to keep your rates as low as possible. Even though they may have given you a good deal, it might not be the best deal possible for your company. How do you know that you are on the best deal? ALPHACOM is proud to announce that we have reduced costs to 95% of clients that have engaged us to perform a full telecommunications audit.

Keywords: Telecommunications