Go Gluten Free Shopping and Find Gluten Free Products Worldwide

By: Allergyfree Passport  06-Dec-2011

While on the road in your country or traveling to another continent, we recommend that you carry some type of allergen friendly snack with you to ensure that you are always prepared.

Below is a sampling of stores and manufacturers that carry allergen friendly products across the globe.  These links encompass both physical brick and mortar buildings as well as on-line websites.

The selection of products varies significantly from country to country, store to store and website to website.  Some are dedicated to allergen-free products and may have hundreds to thousands of special diet foods for purchase. Other stores have dedicated sections with a shelf to aisles of allergen friendly products, while others provide allergy-free listings of their products.

Many general supermarkets worldwide are continuing to expand their allergy-free products for their customers.

This represents a partial listing of stores worldwide.
Depending upon location, more stores may be available.

For information about global food labeling laws,
refer to
for guidelines.

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