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By: All Business Computers  06-Dec-2011

Having been asked by our customers to come up with a wireless solution for their schools we have done extensive research into what is available. Controller based wireless is the only way to go with all the Access points automatically configured when they are plugged in, with fine tuning  of channels done from the controller it makes them very easy to manage and allows for seamless roaming on a site using a single ssid, users are not required to know which access point they are connected to and they simply turn the wireless on and it works.

We looked at pricing options from Cisco, Rukus and Dlink  also comparing their performance. The pricing between Cisco and Rukus was very close with Dlink being a little cheaper. Performance wise Rukus was on average the best performer but we were surprised with all their marketing that they were not head and shoulders above the others.

All the above three used a hardware based controller and were very similar in the way they are setup. We then discovered a better solution from Ubiquiti using a free software controller which runs on a local server, this immediately saves $3000 – $6000 not only that but the cost of the Access Points was less than half of the other solutions not only that there is no on-going license fee and they include the POE injectors with the AP.

After being initially very suspicious for such a low priced product we have done extensive testing and found an amazing product from an innovative company with the low priced AP’s we are able to deploy one in each workplace giving a very reliable high speed wireless network.

The information in this article was current at 02 Dec 2011

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