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By: All About Admin  06-Dec-2011
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How Does the Service Work?

When we initially meet with you we’ll assess your needs, discuss some options and agree with you what services you’ll be purchasing. We’ll also agree a fixed monthly fee. Everything is agreed in advance and the expectations are clear for all parties. No surprises and no unexpected charges. Our objective is to make YOUR life easier (and help you earn more money).

We complete all your work off-site, at our premises, so you don’t have to pay for travelling time and so we can be more efficient in our own space. All your information is stored confidentially and securely and we back up your computer data regularly.

You’ll receive regular reporting from us – and even though the paper work isn’t in front of you anymore you’ll actually know more about your financials than ever before!

“I totally trust the professional services of AAA. I totally trust that they know how to do the job and will do it well. I definitely have the sense that “it’s in hand” and I don’t have to worry about it. The concept of AAA is very sound. Their process is very professional and client focussed”
Greg Tetzlaff, Sundial Group

“It’s been an eye opener (in a positive way). I now have a much greater visibility of my accounts and cashflow.”
Stu Powell, Microclimate

AAA Services – the Nuts & Bolts

We’ll generate and send all your invoices out (on your letterhead).
Once you provide goods or services to a client you simply provide us with the required information (using a process we’ll develop that works for you). ALL ABOUT ADMIN will create an invoice, send it to the customer and follow it up until payment is made. All the steps below can be completed and in most cases all you will need to do is supply the information required to generate an invoice and then watch the funds come in.

  • Client invoices raised in computerised accounting package.
    This can be performed in a number of packages, please advise what you are currently operating.
  • Alternatively – if invoices are generated at point of sale, All About Admin can receive invoice details from you and we’ll take responsibility for monitoring and ensuring payments are received
  • Client invoices sent out in a timely manner. This can be done as often as daily.

This benefit alone often pays for our complete service in itself!

  • Design of invoices to include your logo and preferred layout
  • If requested invoices can be sent via you for proofing before being sent, if your process involves frequent ‘adjustments’ to the final totals. For greater efficiency we can implement a process to accommodate this before invoices are generated.
  • Monthly client statements generated and sent
  • Debtor follow-up. We’ll phone debtors directly and politely remind them that payments are due (this can be done using your company guidelines)
  • Escalate overdue invoices to you or to a Debt Collection Agency when required

You could also receive:

  • Monthly Aged Debtor Report
  • Monthly Sales by Client Report
  • Monthly Sales by Service/Product Report

Supporting Processes:

  • Maintaining current Client details
  • Receipting of incoming payments into computerised accounting system

YOU RETAIN ALL CONTROL OF PAYMENTS – you just get rid of all the work.
Every month you currently receive bills from your suppliers that need to be managed and paid. We can make this process easier for you by checking and sorting them ready for payment. All the steps below can be completed and in some cases all you will need to do is sign a pre-filled out cheque and slip them into pre-addressed envelopes (or use internet banking).



  • Invoices checked to ensure appropriate receipting has occurred and that the invoiced goods or services have been received. This could include:
    • reconciling against purchase orders
    • reconciling against signed packing slips
    • ‘irregular items’ pre-approved by you
    • reconciling invoices against supplier payment
  • Invoices checked to ensure they have not been paid previously or for any double charges
  • Invoices keyed into a computerised accounting package (so you can keep track of purchases and for compliance).
  • Cheques pre-completed ready for signing, and/or a list of all invoices ready for payment, with all details required for you to enter into your internet banking facility

You could also receive:

  • Monthly Aged Creditor Report
  • Monthly Purchased by Supplier Report

Supporting Processes:

  • Proactive monitoring of cashflow to ensure supplier payments will not exceed available funds
  • Liaising with Suppliers to agree payment terms when necessary
  • Responding to payment queries in a timely manner – acting as a buffer between supplier’s accounts team and you. Only escalating to you when needed.
  • Filing of original invoices on site at ALL ABOUT ADMIN premises
  • Maintaining current Supplier details in accounting package and/or contact manager/CRM.

As we’re recording all your income and expenditure into a computerised accounting package – it makes complete sense for us to quickly complete your GST returns. These returns are promptly completed and sent to you for approval. Because we do GST returns for many clients you can be sure that you’ll never miss a due date or have it sneak up on you at the last moment.


  • Debtor and creditor information entered during the GST period
  • Any missing information obtained from you.
  • GST report generated
  • GST report sent to you for review and approval, along with pre-filled out cheque
  • GST Return submitted to IRD and payment made.

We can prepare your payroll for you, taking away all the PAYE and leave balance calculation headaches. In most cases all you will need to do is verify staff time sheets and forward to ALL ABOUT ADMIN, then verify the pay calculations and release the payments. Again, you retain all the payment control and get rid of all the work!

  • Receipt of time sheets from you
  • Details entered into computerised payroll package. This can be done in many packages.
  • Staff wage/salary payments prepared for final sign off by you
  • PAYE calculated and prepared ready for final sign off by you
  • All payments can automatically be paid to appropriate bank accounts (without time-consuming, one off entries by you)
  • Full compliance with updated holiday pay legislative requirements
  • Completely accurate pays – no more accidental mis-calculations

Receive easy access to:

  • Re-printed pay slips
  • Direct Credit schedules
  • Leave history reports
  • Pay period summaries
  • Deduction schedules
  • ACC premium reports
  • IR 348 (paper copy of IRD E-File)

In many cases if your staff want to check leave balances or request additional copies of pay slips, etc these queries can be handled directly by All About Admin, further freeing up your time.

As a business owner you should have up-to-date, relevant, easy to follow financial information. Managing your financials effectively can make a huge difference to the success of your business and the amount of money you can pay yourself.
You could receive:

  • Monthly Cashflow Report (compared to Budget)
  • Monthly Profit & Loss Report (compared to Budget)
  • Monthly Balance Sheet
  • Monthly Review of Financial Key Performance Indicators
  • Monthly Aged Creditor Report (Who do you owe?)
  • Monthly Purchased by Supplier Report (who are your largest suppliers? Can you leverage this buying power?)
  • Monthly Aged Debtor Report (Who owes you money?)
  • Monthly Sales by Client Report (Who are your most valuable clients?)
  • Monthly Sales by Service/Product Report (What are you biggest selling products/services?)
  • Easy to understand charts and graphs of your key financial information

As we will be entering and managing a large amount of your financial information there are other services that ALL ABOUT ADMIN can easily and affordably provide.
Any further services would of course be provided by ensuring you have full final sign-off while also liaising with your Tax Accountant and providing them with all relevant electronic and paper information at year end.
Some examples include:

  • Additional backup of computerised accounting records
  • Processing Client Credit Applications
  • Monthly bank reconciliations

We can arrange and deliver a range of other general admin services. Some of these services include:

  • Virtual PA services
  • Database management
  • Preparation of Quotes (including development of common templates)
  • Word processing
  • Data Entry
  • Mail merge & mass mailings
  • Dictaphone typing
  • Design of flyers, newsletters and questionnaires
  • Research, surveys and ‘secret shoppers’
  • Ask us if there’s anything you’d like support with. If we can help, we will; if we can’t, we’ll tell you.

Keywords: Gst, Invoices