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By: Aliclad  05-Apr-2012

Alucobest has no creative limits with its excellent flatness, light weight (5.6kg/sqm), durability and strength. This product is an ideal low maintenance ACM cladding that will bring distinction to your new or existing building.

Composition Detail

ALUCOBEST is composed of multiple layers. Corrosion normally takes place at the cut edge and tends to penetrate inside. This results in de-lamination between the aluminium skin and core material. To protect the cut edge from this type of corrosion, we apply rust-preventing paint behind the aluminium skins.

We coat the backside with a wash coat or service coat, protecting the backside aluminium from alkali attack from cement or galvanic corrosion from steel.


  • Curtain wall, cladding and facade
  • Roof edges and parapet wall
  • Dado, separation wall and partition
  • Advertising plate, showroom and shop front signage
  • Column covers and beam wraps

Great Impact Resistance

The core is comprised of viscoelastic high molecular resin, preventing cracking or breaking, yet providing high strength, stiffness and impact resistance.

Rigid and Lightweight

ALUCOBEST panel features high strength with excellent torsion strength and bending strength for exterior walls, is lighter than solid aluminium and highly cost-effective for construction budgets.

Outstanding Sound Insulation

Compared to other materials of the same weight (steel, solid aluminium, tile, plywood, etc) ALUCOBEST panel has a greater sound transmission loss.

Weather Durability and Corrosion Resistant

ALUCOBEST panel is coated with fluorocarbon (PVDF) resin. It withstands extreme weather conditions and minimises the possibility of acid, alkali and salt spray corrosion, hence it is unaffected by temperature change and long term exposure to ultraviolet rays.

Superior Machinability

ALUCOBEST can be easily fixed to any type of cladding applications including those consisting of a variety of different shapes and angles, curve and radius by cutting, bending, curving, folding, fastening, welding, edge jointing and close-out etc. All processes can be achieved with the use of ordinary metal and wood working machinery to shape your unique design concept.

Good Thermal Insulation

The PE or fire-rated core isolates the differential exterior temperature and moisture allowing savings on utility bills [Rate: 0.09954W/(m.K)].

Outstanding Characteristics of Fireproofing

ALUCOBEST panel fully meets fireproofing requirements specified in the relevant building code. Fireproofing abilities exceed the index requirement grade B1. It has excellent performance standards in retarding flame spread and minimising smoke development.

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