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By: Alexis Infotech Management  06-Dec-2011

When clients engage Alexis InfoTech Management Ltd to either design a new solution, or take over an existing one, we will put together an IT roadmap for them, tailored to their specific needs for now, and the immediate future. With existing installations, a brief audit will be necessary to establish what we are dealing with.

This will be a useful tool for getting an overview and understanding of the technologies to be immediately deployed, and technologies to be deployed at a later date. This can also be used for budgeting purposes. We wish all our clients to have a clear perspective on the direction Alexis InfoTech Management Ltd is leading them, and have the confidence that they are not going to be left with redundant or unsupported equipment.

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While we cannot completely shield our clients from this occurring, we can minimise the risk by firstly assessing each clients individual requirements, and supplying reputable equipment that will operate reliably for the duration of a realistic expectation.