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By: Albany Baptist  05-Apr-2012

Albany Baptist Church – News

When we hear poetry, we know we don’t try and understand it in the same way we understand a manual teaching us how to replace an engine in a car. Because the bible is a book of many different types of writing (genres), we need to know how to look for different things from different types of writing.

In today’s sermon, we look at what questions to ask when reading the stories of Jesus in the Gospels, emotional poetry in the Psalms, and teaching material the letters of the Bible.

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Fast-forward to the Roman Empire where Peter addresses his readers with a similarly “outrageous” message, before moving into our day and age and some some examples of how the Christian faith can be lived out in our modern day community. What would it have been like for the Isrealites to live in exile in Babylon, and then being asked to settle and live out their faith in this hostile community.


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Because it’s important for us to ask questions about the things we find confusing, and find answers about how we begin to understand and apply a book that was written so many years ago, with so many different contributors. Beginning Sunday 15 January we start a four week series on understanding the bible. Come along on Sundays at 10am in Albany Primary School hall: 6 Bass Road. The bible can be a tricky book to understand.