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By: Akzonobel  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Pulp, Paper Industry, Paper Making Process

As a valued partner to the pulp and paper industry, Eka provides a broad selection of chemicals and deep know-how to help you to acheive optimum results. The demand for constant improvement has led to the introduction of highly effective chemicals, providing the means to control the pulp and paper making process. Putting it simply - chemistry that improves both the paper and your bottom line. 

But it's not the chemicals themselves that are interesting. It's what you get out of them that really counts. Each additive must have a beneficial role and interact efficiently in the production system. The harsh competition within the paper industry forces you to continually improve the quality of your products and processes by being efficient, economical, profitable and increasingly environmentally adapted. We offer to help to improve your pulp and paper and your business' bottom line.

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Keywords: Paper Industry, Paper Making Process, Pulp,

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Sizing products - AkzoNobel Pulp and Paper / Eka Chemicals

Offering both internal and surface-sizing products, we enable you to find the perfect combination to achieve targeted paper properties, cut costs and improving runnability. Surface size protects the base paper from excessive wetting, enhances surface strength and reduces linting and dusting, which, in turn, improves paper printability.


AkzoNobel Pulp and Paper / Eka Chemicals

That’s because they save costs in materials, production, finishing, handling and transportation. Expancel microspheres are available in two different forms – unexpanded and expanded. The plastic shell softens and its volume increases by more than 40 times. Heat an Expancel microsphere and something surprising happens. Act as a blowing agent or lightweight filler. Increase durability while reducing weight.