Increase Website Performance and Availability with Akamai Global Traffic Management

By: Akamai  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Professional Services, Web Sites, Data Center

Companies looking to optimize the availability and responsiveness of their Web-server and data-server applications use Akamai's Global Traffic Manager service to choose the optimal site and path when accessing origin servers. Unlike hardware-based solutions, we take a unique Internet-based approach to load balancing to ensure users can always reach your Web sites and data centers efficiently.

How it Works

Akamai continuously monitors Internet conditions and performance of your global and mirrored sites. We maintain an updated map of the best routes around outages, congestion, and vulnerabilities, and analyze real-time data including packet loss and latency to continuously refresh the map. When requests are made to the origin server, we route them to the optimal site based on policy rules and Internet conditions. If the primary data center is unavailable, Akamai automatically fails over to a secondary data center.

Why route traffic globally with Akamai?

  • We monitor the whole Internet – not just servers in your network
  • Performance improves through route optimization
  • Reliability improves with Akamai's global redundancy
  • Lowers your costs – eliminating additional hardware
  • Lets you modify properties and allocation on the fly

Integration and Professional Services

Akamai solutions are supported by an award-winning team that has integrated hundreds of Akamai customers across a number of Akamai service offerings through a well-established methodology.

Keywords: Data Center, Load Balancing, Network Performance, Professional Services, Web Sites

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How Our Personalization Works

Dynamic and static content was targeted based upon IP intelligence collected on the Akamai Platform.


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The globally-distributed Akamai platform is equipped with unique data-gathering technology that collects geographical and bandwidth-sensing information for every routable IP address on the Internet. Common uses of EdgeScape include customizing your Web content for individual end users as well as controlling distribution by blocking delivery to restricted geographies or unauthorized users.


Dependable Service to Direct Users to Your Web Sties

When you instruct the Domain Registrar that Akamai's name servers will resolve your zone authoritatively, our servers in multiple geographies and networks provide name resolution directly to end users according to refresh and retry parameters in the Start of Authority DNS record. We use multiple redundant name servers distributed throughout the global Akamai platform to improve reliability and performance.