How Our Personalization Works

By: Akamai  06-Dec-2011

Much of the content on this site was personalized for you. Dynamic and static content was targeted based upon IP intelligence collected on the Akamai Platform. This site uses a technology which allows us to customize content by accessing an Akamai knowledge base built using our 95,000 servers in 71 countries. Geographic, network, and bandwidth information are available as illustrated in “What We Know About You:” below.

Akamai customers can leverage this database via our EdgeScape product…

What We Know About You

Company: Reed_Business_Information_Pty_Ltd
Country Code: US
Region Code: TX
Areacode: 214+972
Latitude: 32.8367
Longitude: -96.796
County: DALLAS
Timezone: CST
Throughput: vhigh

Other products and services from Akamai


Customize Web Content with Geointelligence

The globally-distributed Akamai platform is equipped with unique data-gathering technology that collects geographical and bandwidth-sensing information for every routable IP address on the Internet. Common uses of EdgeScape include customizing your Web content for individual end users as well as controlling distribution by blocking delivery to restricted geographies or unauthorized users.


Increase Website Performance and Availability with Akamai Global Traffic Management

Companies looking to optimize the availability and responsiveness of their Web-server and data-server applications use Akamai's Global Traffic Manager service to choose the optimal site and path when accessing origin servers. We maintain an updated map of the best routes around outages, congestion, and vulnerabilities, and analyze real-time data including packet loss and latency to continuously refresh the map.


Dependable Service to Direct Users to Your Web Sties

When you instruct the Domain Registrar that Akamai's name servers will resolve your zone authoritatively, our servers in multiple geographies and networks provide name resolution directly to end users according to refresh and retry parameters in the Start of Authority DNS record. We use multiple redundant name servers distributed throughout the global Akamai platform to improve reliability and performance.