Pitot Tube Replacement

By: Air Tahiti Nui  05-Apr-2012



LOS ANGELES, CA, June 10, 2009 – Air Tahiti Nui’s first concern is of the safety of its passengers and crew.  The airline operates a fleet of five modern A340-300 aircraft with an average age of six years.  All aircraft and crew operate and are certified by the French Direction General Aviation Civil (DGAC) and the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration.

Due to the recent tragic aviation accident, Air Tahiti Nui Management, in conjunction with its Engineering and Cockpit crew, has reviewed its procedures, training and equipment.

Part of this review concerns the pitot tube, which provides airspeed to the cockpit crew and onboard computers.  On rare occasions, aircraft may encounter situations, such as icing of the pitot tube, which may momentarily create an incorrect reading.  Air Tahiti Nui crew are fully trained and undertake recurrent training to deal with this type of situation.  In addition, the Airbus A340-300 has a triplicate backup system insuring accurate information, even in the unlikely event of the failure of one or two of the pitot tubes.  

There is presently no Air Worthiness Directive to make any change in equipment.  However, as an extreme precaution, Air Tahiti Nui has decided to accelerate the replacement of its current model of pitot tube system on its aircraft.

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