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By: Agrizest  05-Apr-2012
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Agrizest is an innovative technology to assist farmers in integrated crop management.   It is a bionutrient that strengthens plants' defence systems, supporting plants' growth systems and enhancing plants' ability to repair damaged cells. Agrizest is not a pesticide or a fertilizer, it is a scientific product the results of which can be observed, measured and repeated. Unlike other products on the market, Agrizest is designed to work on the biological system as a whole and not on targets.

  • reduced pest and disease damage
  • reduced physiological problems
  • accelerated tissue damage repair
  • increased growth and yield
  • improved food quality
  • resistance to environmental stress

Agrizest is environmentally benign and non toxic.
It is made purely from plant extracts that are also
used for food and cosmetic applications.
Agrizest is a bionutrient. It can be repeatedly applied
without any adverse reactions or side effects, with
no risk of resistance development.

. Agrizest is compounded under stringent process control protocol which avoids undesirable reactions and delivers consistent potency and efficiency. We have conducted scientific, independent, commercial scale trials, repeated in various crops. The Agricultural Compounds and Veterinary Medicines (ACVM) Group of New Zealand Food Safety Authority has determined Agrizest to be an Agricultural Compound that is exempt from registration under the ACVM Act 1997.

is a specially formulated version of Agrizest. It is more suitable for use in broad acre crops and pasture through boom sprayer systems. Agrizest is suitable for air blast sprayers which are used in orchards. The mixing system in air blast sprayers is able to break up and mix the standard Agrizest formulation.  See the Application page for general application recommendations for Agrizest Plus.

There is no withholding or waiting period following applications of Agrizest. It can be used throughout the harvesting period to maintain healthy and clean crops.

Applied 1 or 2 days after pesticide application, Agrizest will allow plants to quickly rejuvenate and recover from the stress.

Applications will help towards the maintenance of a cleaner, healthier crop during harvest periods and at other times when pesticide use is restricted.

Highly diluted at 1:1000: Agrizest is fast acting and delivers significant broad spectrum results.

Agrizest is suitable for use in organic production and is listed by OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute).

As it is 100% natural and made from plant extracts, Agrizest will not in any way compromise your organic status.

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