Agile Utilities

By: Agileutilities  06-Dec-2011

Although many useful tools for software development are already available, we have come to the conclusion that there are also gaps for which a satisfying solution does not exist. Some of the available tools are hard to use or expensive to purchase.

Given this situation, we have decided to develop specialized tools as an alternative. Although these tools can be used with any development approach they are in particular useful for Agile Approaches. Agile Utilities provides the following products for improving software engineering environments:

Product Description Activity Price
A card game similar to poker to be used for project planning and estimation. Estimating, Planning free
Time saving tool for formatting C# code for use in web pages. Authoring USDĀ 20.00 per user
Testing free
This is a generic spread sheet that can be used for engineer evaluation. It's relatively simple and includes some of Toyota's principles for developing talent from within your team. HR free
Spreadsheet template for backlog, velocity, burn down graph. Easy to use, pre-filled with a sample backlog for a 12 weeks release cycle. Fully commented to get you started quickly. Project Monitoring and Tracking free