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By: Adview  06-Dec-2011


Double White (Front & Rear) Projection Film

Transparent Rear Projection Film

Common Attributes of the Family
• Thin <1mm films with a water-activated adhesive under a protective liner. Alternative mounting options available.
• Very light weight (150-250g/m2), similar to window films for commercial window treatments
• Sizes range from 20" to 80" (4 x 3 aspect ratio, 100" in 16 x 9)
• Impervious to UV and Ultraviolet light • Rear projection display surfaces
• Seamless to the specified size, with no grids or pixels that would distract the viewer's attention.
• Various aspect ratios, shapes and sizes. Call for consultation.
• Viewing angles vary, primarily due to the incident angle of projection and to the characteristics of the various films. Call us for consulting advice.