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By: Advanced Query Tool  05-Apr-2012
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AQT is a fast and easy-to-use cross-database query tool. With a powerful query environment and a wide range of DBA and developer tools, it is the ideal database product irrespective of whether you are a data analyst, DBA or developer.

One tool - this is all youÂ’ll ever need!

Why have multiple tools when one can do it all? With AQT you can use a single tool irrespective of the database you are using. And irrespective of the task you are performing. No more switching between different tools!
"As I've told many of my peers here, AQT is one of the most significant new tools I've ever seen!"

Many Databases - configured for ALL YOUR DATABASES!

No other product has AQT's degree of multi-database support. With the Database Explorer and Admin Component configured for all the major database types, AQT is a specialized product for every database. In addition, AQT has excellent cross-database features. Load data from Oracle into DB2 z/OS! Compare tables between Sybase and MySQL!
"This without a doubt is the best database tool that I have ever used. It is invaluable to both DBA and to db app developer."

High power - it does everything you want!

AQT is packed full of features. AQT will help you do you job faster no matter whether you are developing reports, managing your database farm, writing stored procedures, loading test data or migrating data between systems.
"We bought a site license for our entire IT department. Our developers couldn't live without it now. They love it. It does just about everything we could think of for a data base tool."

Low price - your boss will love it too!

Costing $180 for the Standard Edition and $360 for the Extended Edition, AQT is a fraction of the price of other products with similar features. One price covers all databases. With free email support and low-cost version upgrades, your financial controller will love AQT as much as you do!
"We had a salesman here the other day touting the "new" Toad for DB2 z/OS, at TEN TIMES the price of AQT - and AQT had it beat it in almost every way possible."
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