By: Advanced Management Systems  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Staff Rosters, Rostering, Payroll and Hr

Intelligent rostering and award interpretation software

AMS ACTOR is smart rostering and award interpreter software that helps organisations optimise the use of their workforce and gives managers more control over their rostering processes.

It integrates with AMS' LEADER payroll and HR product to improve efficiency and accuracy of roster planning and give managers a detailed ongoing analysis of all rosters by real-time comparators such as FTE, financial budgets and staffing levels.

AMS ACTOR offers an automated process from rostering and time recording through to payroll processing. It allows managers to complete staff rosters with confidence by making all relevant roster information available, constantly verifying new entries and updating them against the roster rules engine.

Keywords: Payroll and Hr, Rostering, Staff Rosters

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Employee Management

AMS’ ACTOR rostering and award interpreter software is the solution to this enormous complexity; increasing efficiency and enhancing productivity while giving management more visibility and control. Eliminates the need for in-house payroll skills and resources, and you can monitor processes closely with online access to AMS PayShop. AMS PayShop takes away the hassle by automating pay data collection.



It enhances the HR team's ability to focus on strategic areas, while giving managers more control over payroll and human resource processes and empowering employees to manage their own leave entitlements. Resources solution that provides a single source of HR truth within an organisation. A fully-integrated payroll and human resource information solution. AMS LEADER is a complete end-to-end payroll and human.


AMS LEADER - Features

Implementing AMS LEADER along with AMS ACTOR enables organisations to achieve a fully automated payroll, from rostering and electronic timesheets through to automated award interpretation and payroll processing. AMS LEADER has solved a number of tough payroll problems and allows you improve business efficiency by automating key processes. AMS LEADER offers a suite of standard human resource management features including staff leave management.


AMS LEADER - Benefits

AMS LEADER turbocharges payroll processing, with its fully automated approach cutting down actual processing time and reducing the need for manual corrections. Productivity of payroll staff is increased, staff are more satisfied with clear and accurate pays, and actual dollars are saved as less incorrect payments occur. Having this single source of employee truth gives organisations the confidence to build all HR processes around AMS LEADER.



Managing CPE across a large workplace spread over multiple sites is a challenge, particularly when this has traditionally been done with spreadsheets and other departmental-type databases. Continuing Professional Education allows healthcare organisations to maintain the skills and knowledge of clinical professionals. AMS has developed a module of its AMS LEADER product to manage CPE.


AMS ACTOR - Features

The intelligence of AMS ACTOR is seen in its powerful Award Interpreter, a rules engine that can apply thousands of contract variations to the rostering and time recording process. AMS ACTOR is built around a rostering engine that makes it easier to plan and implement rosters across large healthcare organisations. Features include a master roster, flexible interface, multiple roster views, system intelligence rules and call management features.


AMS ACTOR - Benefits

Management visibility to cost and resource use is faster and more accurate, enhancing the speed and quality of decision-making and future planning. Processing time for roster building and then downstream payroll processing is reduced, freeing up staff time for more productive tasks. Decisions around rostering can be better enforced, and real delegations achieved. Enhanced compliance with MECAs and other organisational rules.