Services what we will do for you

By: Advanced Fitness  06-Dec-2011
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Services what we will do for you

One on one/small group Personal Training in Christchurch

1.      Body fat reduction

2.      Strength and muscle development

3.      Core strength and stability

4.      High Performance Sports Conditioning

5.      Nutrition

6.      Muscle and postural assessments

7.      Injury Rehabilitation (lower back knee and shoulder)

Contact us now for your

Online Personal Training

The 2 week challenge

This challenge will change your life for the better!

You've heard of 10 week challenges 12 week etc, they are all great, but always have the same focus, how much weigh have you lost or gained or so on. This 2 week challenge is about changing your lifestyle in 2 weeks. You will learn how to live a healthier and more efficient lifestyle, you will learn how to make the changes necessary for long term weight loss if that is your long term goal.

We don't focus on anything to do with your body shape, size, look, or how much weight you would want to loss or gain. We look at:

     · Why do you get stressed?

     · Why are you energy levels below optimum?

     · Why are you waking up tired?

     · Do you know how to eat?

     · If not why?

     · Do you train properly?

     · Do you train with good intensity for your goal?

     · Is your motivation high?

     · Do you have the drive to succeed?

Is there something underlying that’s holding you back from achieving success?

Commitment = 2 weeks
Result = the skills to implement a better lifestyle from the gym to work to home, potentially for the rest of you life.

You get...6 Personal Training session, a personalised  house visit with supermarket tour, a comprehensive exercise program and plan, a full detox program and endless education. Remember the aim is long term sucess

Most people come into the 2 week challenge wanting to learn about nutrition and exercise for optimal performance and a healthier lifestyle. Not only do they achieve this but they are surprised with how well they now handle work and other stressful situations they encounter. Contact us now for your 

Weight Loss/ Body fat Reduction

Whether you’re looking at losing weight for the first time or fighting an ongoing unsuccessful battle with your waistline we believe we have the answer to losing weight and maintaining your weight loss long term.

Our goal is your success, as well as designing you a personalised exercise and nutritional programme we will look specifically at what is going to prevent you from getting your desired results, and overcome these issues before they eventuate.

There are so many things that can go wrong when people try to lose weight without the guidance and motivation of a personal trainer. You may be doing 90% of the work right but still not finding your body shape changing, if you want to ensure you do it right the first time and learn how to maintain your amazing results give us a call.

Advanced Health and fitness has worked with people from all walks of life with goals ranging from losing 30+ kg’s to just a few percent body fat. We treat every person as an individual, we'll look at your current lifestyle, your needs and wants and design an easy to maintain programme that doesn’t leave you hungry and exhausted 24/7.

When was the last time someone looked into your

     · Exercise

     · Nutrition

     · Lifestyle

     · Job/schedule

     · Sleep pattern

     · Hydration

     · Hormonal response to training

If your mentality is that it’s so hard to lose weight and nothing works then you need to give us call or leave your details. HERE for

Athletic Performance

We have extensive experience and knowledge in the realm of sports conditioning, having played and trained at representative level. We understand how your body works and what it takes to lift your athletic performance to new levels; we have successfully unlocked speed and developed explosive power and agility in a number of athletes in a wide range of sports. We train you with your sport in mind and add a skill component to your training ensuring you have the full package. Sports we have experience in....

1.  Rugby

2.  Netball

3.  Mountain biking

4.  Distance running

5.  Rugby league

6.  Athletics

7.  Multisport

8. Football

Sports Teams

We offer discounts to sports teams that want to undertake our high performance sports conditioning program, if you are a member of a team or a coach with players who you think would benefit for our performance assessment contact us for a free Training session. and assessment.

Lose the lower back pain

Over 75% of us will take time off work during our lifetime with lower back pain, many people live day in day out with back pain that can be either prevented, relived or reduced!

With a combination of strength, muscle balance, and flexibility we can make a big difference to your quality of life.

We will give you a full postural assessment to to determine a plan of attack to relieve your back pain.

Do you lack lower abdominal strength?

Do you know how to turn your deep abdominal muscles on?

Do you suffer from a lack of lower back flexibliity?

Do you have a strength imbalance between left to right or posterior to anterior?

Are you sick of waking up in pain?

If you thought twice about any of these questions or think your back pain is preventing you from living your life all it takes is a free consultation to see how we can help you! 

Keywords: Nutrition, Personal Training, Sports