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By: Adenin  06-Dec-2011

To meet specific business needs and to assist clients who wish to implement a sophisticated solution we offer a full-range of on-site consulting services including:

  • Design and branding services
  • Optimizing your intranet’s structure, navigation and taxonomy
  • Getting the most out of workflows
  • Business process modeling
  • Reporting the right information the right way, at the right time and to the right people
  • Integration of existing applications and databases
  • Custom application development

For installations with a large user base and/or high availability requirements, we also provide infrastructure setup services including: web farms with load-balanced front ends, clustered and/or mirrored databases, as well as geographically-dispersed failover or shared-nothing configurations.

We can also provide data migration services from any system into IntelliEnterprise - whether it be a one-time event or a regular activity, as well as automated data synchronization solutions between your line of business systems and IntelliEnterprise.

No matter where your business data is stored, we can design a solution to make your data more visible, editable, usable and accountable. Depending on the licensing system used on your legacy applications, there may even be opportunities to reduce the associated running and licensing costs.

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Part of what makes our support so effective is not only our commitment to you, but once you download the software we assign a personal Client Services Manager who will take care of all your support needs and questions. Our technical support team employs the latest information, state-of-the-art tools and many combined years of technical experience to quickly resolve all customer service requests.


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Whether you want to brainstorm your specific intranet strategy or you are baffled by the complexity of IntelliEnterprise features - our Web Consultation may be just what you need. Because our intranet suite is ready to go, out of the box, we can guarantee that your intranet can be delivered to your users in less than 5 business days. Dashboard Portlets Setup & Realtime Data Integration.