By: Active Attitude  05-Apr-2012

A fun filled fitness DVD designed just for kids.  Complete with original music, fun routines and easy instructions, BEAT THE FEET takes youngsters through an extensive 35-minute exercise routine that is certain to keep them fit, focused and entertained. 
BEAT THE FEET features Ashleigh McCaw and Tim Bell leading the Active Attitude crew of six kids, through easy to follow exercises.  Songs include: Stretch, Active Attitude, To the Disco, In the Jungle, Frog Dance, Beyond the Stars, Hawaii, Martial Arts Master, We Want You & Way Out In the Country. 
Special features include: Teach Me- Step-by-Step instructions, Song selection and Sing-along.  Ages: 5-10.

Price $29.90

The information in this article was current at 27 Mar 2012