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By: Action Kiwi Marketing  06-Dec-2011
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Drift HD170


The Drift HD170 is the world’s first sports action camera which films in full HD and has a playback screen and remote control. This rugged waterproof camera is the first camera that gives people what they want from an Action Camera:

  • Full HD for creating crystal clear footage
  • A playback screen for lining up shots and the ability to play back the footage right away
  • A remote control to enable you to film what you want to record, not the boring stuff in between
  • Easy to use mounts so you can use it whenever you want and mount it anywhere your imagination allows you. The shape of the camera and the mounts it comes with make it the easiest camera out there to use

If that isn?t enough the camera also has the following:

  • A rotating lens so you can mount the camera at any angle and any position to get that shot you are looking for
  • It can take photos, put it in the photo burst mode and you can take pictures every few seconds for as long as your memory card lasts. If you don?t get a decent photo then you need to do something else or give the camera to someone else who can really use it
  • You can pair the remote control to your camera, chances are your mates will have the same camera, no turning off their camera just before they hit the tree
  • A zoom function so you can get even closer to the action or your friend in front
  • An external microphone so no more listening to wind noise, great for in-car filming
  • Night mode so you can record in darker and duskier conditions


  • Maximum Video Resolution: 1080p High Definition
  • SD Memory Capacity: up to 32GB
  • Still Photo: 5 megapixel with Photoburst Mode
  • Digital Zoom Support: Yes (in 720p and WVGA mode)
  • Lens Angle: 170° Fully Rotatable Wide Angle Lens
  • LCD Screen: 1.5″ Colour TFT
  • Waterproof: Up to 0.5 m.
  • Remote Control: Wireless RF (5m range) Hands Free Video and Photo
  • Mounts: Multiple Mounting Design
  • Audio: Built-in Microphone & Speaker
  • Menus: User Friendly Control Panel in 7 Languages


  • Sensor type: CMOS
  • Water Resistance: 0.5m
  • Video resolution: 1080p, 720p & WVGA
  • Video format: H.264
  • File format: .MOV
  • Frames per second: 30 FPS
  • Video format: 16:9
  • Lens Rotation: 300°
  • Recording Angles: 127° in 1080p, 170° in 720p & WVGA
  • White balance: Auto
  • Exposure: Auto / Manual (advanced users)
  • Zoom: Digital x4 (in 720p & WVGA mode)
  • Remote range: 10 ft. range
  • Built-in Microphone
  • Inputs: Optional External Microphone
  • AV Output: HDTV out (cable included)
  • Battery: 1110mAh rechargeable lithium-ion/ Optional 1700 mAh Li-ion rechargeable.
  • Power-Save option saves batteries by powering down the screen
  • Built-in memory: 32 MB
  • SD memory capacity: Supports memory cards up to 32 GB
  • Photo resolution: 5 Megapixel
  • LCD screen: 1.5″ colour TFT
  • Lens focal range: 0.5m to infinity
  • Dimensions: Camera – 133 (L) x 50 (D) x 33 (W) mm / Remote Control 52 (L) x 40 (W) x 13 (D) mm
  • Power: Camera – DC 3.7V / Remote control: DC 3C, 1x CR2032 battery (included)
  • RF: Receiver (Camera): 433.92MHz ISM band / Transmitter (Remote): 433.92MHz ISM band
  • Weight: Camera – 138g / Remote control – 19g
  • Operating Systems: Compatible with Windows XP & Vista; Mac OS 10.2


  • What type of SD Card does the camera support?
    The Drift HD170 supports SD cards from all leading brands, but we recommend class 4 cards for video. The unit is also compatible with SDHC cards.
  • What is the biggest SD Card I can use?
    The Drift HD170 supports SD cards with a capacity of up to 32GB.
  • How does the remote control work?
    The remote control uses radio frequency (RF) to communicate directly with the camera unit.The remote is RF based, rather than infrared (IR), as used in other helmet cameras. As a result, you do not need to point the remote at the camera. As long as the remote is in range of the camera, it will pick up the remote control signal.
  • How do I charge my HD170 Lithium Battery?
    The HD170 lithium battery is designed to be charged inside the camera. When a power source (wall plug (not supplied) or usb cable) are connected to the back of the camera, the camera will immediately power up. While the camera is powered up the battery is not charging. Please power down the unit by holding the select (on/off) button. The screen should the power down, and LED on the select button should turn to blue. The camera is now charging.
  • How far will the remote control work?
    The wireless remote control has a range of 5m.
  • What are the dimensions of the video camera?
    The dimensions of the camera are 133 (L) x 50 (D) x 33 (W) mm and those of the remote control are 52 (L) x 40 (W) x 13 (D) mm.
  • The videos and photos give me a slight fisheye effect. Is this right?
    Yes it is. We specifically selected a 170° lens to provide users with the really quirky wide angle that was prominent in the early days of helmet cameras, particularly in skateboarding. The effect is less pronounced on objects in the distance and more pronounced on objects close to the camera lens. If you prefer a tighter angle, you can use the camera’s zoom function, or shoot in 1080p. But we think you’ll grow to love this classic hallmark of action sports video.
  • How waterproof is the camera?
    Both the Drift X170 and HD170 are designed to be splash-proof, dust-proof, weatherproof, and dunk-proof but not designed to be underwater for sustained periods of time. For most users this level of waterproofness is more than adequate. For those users who would like to use the camera in water sports or for scuba/snorkeling an aftermarket waterproof pouch available that may be suitable for the Drift range.
  • Why is my 1080p footage jerky when I play it back on my computer?
    Raw HD footage requires a powerful computer with a good graphics card to playback smoothly. If you are experience jerky playback, we would advise testing the footage on a HD TV via the component cable, if footage is smooth it is likely your computer does not have the required graphics Ram. If smooth playback is essential in this situation, please try recording in 720p. The minimum amount of dedicated graphics ram for 1080p playback is 256MB, however 512MB is preferred.
  • Where can I get the full manual for the HD170?
    At Drift Innovation, we try to keep our impact on the environment down to minimum. As a result our cameras ship with only a short printed quick guide to save paper. The full user manual is available to .

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