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By: Action Kiwi Marketing  06-Dec-2011
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  1. Copy the downloaded file (x170.elf or hd170.bin) to a SD card
  2. Insert the SD card into the camera and power on the camera. Ensure the camera has sufficient power so the upgrade doesn’t fail half way.
  3. (for X170) Select the “Firmware Update” item from the firmware menu, and confirm
  4. (for HD170) Select the version number item in the Setup menu (last item) and confirm
  5. LED on camera will blink during update. Once complete camera will turn off (Some units of X170 may automatically turn back on)
  6. Turn the camera back on and verify that the firmware version has been updated

Original X170

Initial production version on this hardware platform.
Reduce maximum exposure setting that would corrupt the video in very bright conditions, center image on all aspect ratios, make the firmware more resilient against bad SD cards, add stealth mode, correct aspect ratio so we don’t stretch the image. Change audio codec to MP2, remove explicit frame rate setting (dependent on PAL/NTSC instead), add photo sequence mode, disable autodeleting of files that the camera does not recognize. Remove stealth mode; fix some bugs with sequence record mode.

2nd Generation X170

Initial production version on this hardware platform.
Improved image quality, fixed a bug with pause and rewinding, adjusted low battery shutoff threshold to improve reliability.
Tune BPC parameters due to production issues.
Fixes “split screen” issue in 1.1.19.


(10 Jun 2010, production release version for first lot)
(24 Dec 2010) Increase AE target; Decrease black level; Tune gamma table. Fix bug on removing icon during TV playback. Option to turn off icon display during Playback and life view; “W=====T” icon removed during video recording; fix bug during video playback.
(14 Jan 2011) Eliminate rimming effect in still picture.


  • Ensure that the upgrade process is not interrupted. If the process is interrupted the firmware on the camera may be corrupted and the camera has to be returned to the factory for repair.
  • On the X170, the “Firmware update” option will not appear if the firmware file size is incorrect. The 1.0.x series and 1.1.x series firmwares are for different production lots and cannot be intermixed (the firmware has different size)
  • On the HD170, if an incorrect (corrupted) firmware file is used, the camera may signal an error during the update process

Keywords: Camera, Firmware, Video

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