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By: Act Support  06-Dec-2011
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Technical Competency on Web Hosting / Server Support

  • Hosting domains
  • Enabling web users
  • Mail settings
  • Account creation
  • Adding a new domain/ sub domain.
  • Control panel/FTP password reset.
  • Mail server related issues (Pop3, SMTP, web mail).
  • Web statistics support.
  • FrontPage/database troubleshooting.
  • Protected directories (SSL. Non-SSL)
  • Web user accounts creation.
  • Check disk quota, Traffic limit and many more.
  • Protecting web sites (.htaccess)
  • Shell scripting
  • Modifying the Kernel settings to increase security
  • Securing host.conf
  • Installing chkrootkit, and set up in cron sending a report to the specified MailID.
  • Installing logcheck, sending a log summary to the specified MailID.
  • Installing APF/CSF - Firwalls on the server to block the IPs/Ports
  • BFD (Brute Force Detection) - BFD is a modular shell script for parsing applicable logs and checking for authentication failures.
  • Securing  /tmp and /var/tmp directories
  • Review logwatch output to see if anyone is trying to FTP or SSH into the System who should not have access. Block them out in your firewall.
  • Review chkrootkit output to see if your system has been compromised with a rootkit; if so review the CERT reporting guidelines and CERT recovery steps.
  • Change root password or any root equivalent password on a regular basis.
  • Review system log files on a regular basis looking for errors and suspicious activity

This is handled through help desk, live chat and phone. Queries from customers who have already signed up for a plan are handled. Queries related to the invoices, non payments, incorrect charges, double charges, cancellations, refunds, discounts, changing billing cycle, changing payment methods, updating billing records, account suspension, account unsuspension, plans upgrading and downgrading, package renewals, package additions, applying credits, change of ownership, applying credits, applying payments, over due payment collections, declined charges collections, error charges collections etc are handled. Issues are resolved through the billing system like H-Sphere, ModernBill, PerlBill etc.

This is handled through help desk, live chat and phone. Queries related to new order setup, new order status, order verification, order reversal, order changes, fraud order verifications, pending order verifications etc are handled. These issues are resolved by working on both the billing system and control panel.

This is handled through help desk, live chat and phone. Queries from potential customers prior to signing up for a plan are handled. The in-depth details of the plans, inclusion and exclusion of components and features in a plan, features of the plan, comparison between plans, billing/payment methods, walking through the sign up process are handled.

This is handled through help desk. Advanced and complicated issues like installations, scripting, server wide fine tunings, trouble shootings, recompilations, module and component upgrades, compatibility issues, data base issues, hack issues, spam issues, apache fine tunings, DNS fine tuning etc are handled. Those issues that are escalated from the level 1/level 2 technicians are handled. These tasks require work on server root level and some tasks could still be managed through the control panel.

When ever a new server is implemented or made live, all the components required running the server are installed and configured. Once all the installations are done, they are completely audited for possible security holes and they are hardened to be made live on the Internet.

This plan makes sure that the servers are up and running most of the time and maintain the maximum up time as per the SLA. Server patches and software updates are run automatically or sometimes manually as and when necessary. Periodic checking for such updates is also done and this ensures that the servers are running with latest versions of software and are secure. A monthly report is sent on the same.

This makes sure that the servers are running with all its resources used optimally. This is a scheduled process. The web server software is optimized and the unwanted ports are scanned and blocked it not necessary to maximize resource utilization. The resource utilizations and the load is monitored on a 24 / 7 basis and necessary actions taken to bring them to control in case of abnormal increase in load and resource utilization. A monthly report is sent for records.

Scripts and crons are implemented in the server so as to make sure the server data are secure for future restoration. Daily, weekly and monthly backups are scheduled and monitored on a daily basis to ensure that the data is backed up as per schedule.

This is a scheduled process. The servers are completely audited on schedule so as to check if there are any security holes in the server. Various actions like modifying the Kernel settings to increase security, Securing host.conf, Installing chkrootkit, and set up in cron, Installing logcheck, Installing APF/CSF - Firewalls on the server to block the IPs/Ports etc are done to harden the server. A monthly report is sent for records

Whenever there is a need for server/data migration, they are planned and scheduled in case of a ‘planned’ migration. Planning includes, data and time of migration, checking readiness of hosts server, informing domain owners about the migration and the probable down times, checking backup data availability, compatibility check etc. Once every thing is confirmed, the migration is done as per schedule. The planned migrations are mostly done during the off peak hours when the network traffic is less and slow.

Keywords: Live Chat, Server Support, Web Hosting

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This requires round the clock and minute-to-minute monitoring, scheduled maintenance, periodic maintenance, security audits, proactive support and regular patching / upgrading of servers. Once you sign up with ACTSupport for server administration we offer these services on a 24/7 basis or hours of your choice. ACTSupport is a leader in having specialized team for Windows and Linux managed by experts and certified specialists.


Overview of Solutions

More than 70% of the tickets and calls get audited and checked for response time, resolution time and other quality parameters defined. Everyday operations are checked and monitored continuously to make sure that our clients and their customers get quality service. In addition to the reactive check, we design processes proactively and also assign well trained expert teams.


Solution - Needs and Analysis

Now that our techs are well trained to handle support requests through any medium, a customer query is answered through a mode that is most convenient for them combined with quick resolution time. Based on that and the volume of support requests, a client can choose the hours of support between 8 hrs to 24 hrs as a supplementary or complementary team for their support needs.