Acronis vmProtect 6 - deploy, backup and recovery solution for VMWare virtual servers

By: Acronis  06-Dec-2011

No One Else is Even Close

Especially in a virtualized environment where consolidation and increased efficiency help your organization respond more quickly to business opportunities.

  • 3x faster to install
  • 3x faster to start backup
  • 15% faster to restore
  • Focus

    Get the most benefits from VMware vSphere™ by using a solution that is specifically designed for it. Agentless backup with VADP, Changed Block Tracking (CBT), hot-plug and direct SAN access – all this make VMware backup and recovery fast and efficient.

  • Agility

    Choose the deployment option that best suits your needs: use simple safe-contained Virtual Appliance or install on a Windows machine to offload processing from ESX(i) servers. Unlimited P2V migrations at no additional cost make your journey towards virtual environment safe and pleasant.

  • Speed

    Thanks to Acronis' award-winning imaging and bare-metal restore technology, vmProtect 6 is the fastest way to backup VMware virtual machines, always-incremental, with nearly zero impact on ESX(i) servers. You can instantly boot a VM and recover it in seconds.

  • Performance

    Featuring an intuitive web-based interface, Acronis vmProtect 6 provides the easiest way to install, configure and deploy backup and recovery helping you to cut down operational and maintenance costs. In addition, built-in backup validation verifies that backups are not corrupted to guarantee successful recovery.

vmProtect 6 Against Competition

Features Acronis
vmProtect 6
Backup & Replication 5
Backup & Replication 5
Agent-less backup of virtual machines Yes Yes Yes
Install app on Windows server / laptop / PC Yes Yes Yes
Deploy app as ESX(i) Virtual Appliance Yes
GUI to perform backup/recovery tasks remotely Yes
Dashboard Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes
Disk, Network Share, or NAS Yes Yes Yes
FTP and SFTP Yes
Cloud-based storage Yes
Always incremental backup (after first full backup) Yes Yes Yes
Change Block Tracking support Yes Yes Yes
LAN-Free Backup Yes Yes Yes
Excluding unused blocks from VM backup Yes
Excluding files, folders and volumes from VM backup Yes
How often backups can be scheduled 1 min Near-CDP Near-CDP
Automated backup verification without VM Yes
Automated recovery verification by running a VM Yes
Deduplication between backup sessions Yes
256-bit Encryption (AES 256) in transmission and at target Yes
Restore entire VM Yes Yes Yes
File-level recovery from VM backup Yes Yes Yes
Instant VM recovery by running VM from backup image Yes Yes Yes
Save changes back to archive after instant VM recovery Yes
Recover application-specific objects Yes
Additional features
Replication Yes Yes
Physical to Virtual (P2V) and Virtual to Virtual (V2V) Migration Yes
Per-socket license with unlimited VMs US$499.00 US $599 US $899

How It Works

Leveraging almost a decade of experience in image backup, we designed Acronis® vmProtect™ 6 specifically for VMware® virtual servers to be the easiest to deploy, simplest to use backup and recovery solution.

Acronis vmProtect 6 uses VMware's vStorage API for Data Protection (VADP) to allow agentless backup and recovery of virtual machines at one or several ESX(i) hosts remotely. No agents need to be installed in your virtual machines.








Acronis vmProtect 6 provides multiple recovery options:

  • Recover an entire virtual machine over existing VM or as new VM to any ESX/ESXi host
  • Recover individual files or folders for supported guest's file systems
  • Mount backup storage to ESX/ESXi host as NFS share and run virtual machine directly from the backup providing nearly instantaneous recovery.


Acronis vmProtect 6 offers unprecedented ease and flexibility of deployment, and provides you two options for where you install the application:

  • vmProtect 6 Virtual Appliance runs on ESX or ESXi host and does not require any addition hardware or Windows license.
  • vmProtect 6 Windows Agent installs on a dedicated Windows machine and offloads backup and recovery tasks from production ESX(i) hosts.


All management is performed remotely though an intuitive web-based management interface accessed from any supported web browser.

Faster and Smaller Backups

Acronis vmProtect 6 is designed to support always-incremental approach, where older incremental backups can be removed to free up space for new backups without requiring a resource-intensive consolidation, and the use of VMware Change Block Tracking (CBT) technology makes incremental backups faster than ever.

For shared storage such as SAN, vmProtect 6 reads data directly though the storage network, making the backup LAN-free.

Additionally, instead of copying entire virtual disk (.vmdk) files, Acronis vmProtect 6 looks inside disks and volumes to analyze file system and takes only blocks that are actually occupied by data. This allows vmProtect 6 to create backups much faster and smaller compared to what most competing products can, and even to exclude individual files and folders from a VM image backup.


Used Blocks

Free Blocks



Backup Storage

Built-in data deduplication finds identical blocks and ensures that each of them is saved only once. Combined with compression it reduces storage requirements and traffic, especially in environments with large number of similar virtual machines.


Acronis vmProtect 6 automatically validates backups to ensure that all data is recoverable. Unlike competing products, vmProtect 6 reads and verifies every block of a backup ensuring that no data is corrupt.

All backups can be optionally encrypted with an industry-standard 256 bit AES encryption.

Additionally with Acronis vmProtect Online subscription backups can be securely stored offsite in a cloud-based storage.

Seamless Integration with Acronis Cloud Storage

Local backups help protect you from hardware failure or human error. But what about a larger scale disaster, such as flood or fire, when entire site is affected, including your backups?

To avoid data loss and ensure business recoverability for this scenario, companies have traditionally utilized one or another offsite backup strategy: physically shipping tapes offsite or replicating backups to another office. However, this approach requires having another office, or investing in and managing tape hardware, a cost prohibitive scenario for SMBs and many enterprises.

Unlike other solutions on the market, Acronis® vmProtect™ 6 integrates seamlessly with Acronis Online Storage.

Acronis vmProtect Online is an optional subscription that stores your VM backups at highly secure offsite datacenter managed by Acronis. You don’t need to make any big hardware investments to get started, so regardless of the size of your organization you can quickly implement and benefit from storage in the cloud.








Acronis Online Storage


Acronis vmProtect 6 Online can be used separately or in combination with a vmProtect license, enabling you to use the vmProtect 6 Web-based interface to save VM backups to local, remote, or to Acronis Online Storage.

The information in this article was current at 02 Dec 2011

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