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By: Ace Bakery  06-Dec-2011

If you love White and Sourdough Breads, this is the place for you. We bake a huge variety of flavours and shapes using only unbleached white wheat flour and natural starters. And from our crusty Calabrese to our Organic sliced sandwich bread, it’s all made with no added preservatives.

Rustic and hearty with a mild sourdough flavour, creamy interior and crisp golden crust.

Certified organic white with a creamy fully developed flavour and a perfectly crisp golden crust.

Pleasingly dense and aromatic white with a thin, crispy golden crust.

A classic white with a beautifully airy interior and mild flavour for a perfect soft-crust sandwich.

A true artisan loaf. Exceptionally light with a porous, airy interior, classic scoring and a dusting of flour.

Delicate in taste. Light and airy with a thin, crisp golden crust.

The original. Sophisticated light sour-flavoured with a dark rustic crust and moist, airy interior.

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Calabrese Oval | ACE Bakery

You’ll find it’s wonderful grilled for bruschetta or for a sandwich filled with cheeses, vegetables or your favourite meat.


White Baguette (350 g / 12 oz

Unbleached white wheat flour, water, pâte fermentée (unbleached white wheat flour, water, salt, yeast), salt, yeast, malted barley flour. Traditional French white with a creamy fully developed flavour and a perfectly crisp golden crust. It’s always a favourite at any meal, from a casual sandwich lunch to an elegant dinner party.


Whole Grain Pumpkin Seed Oval

Dense, healthy, loaded with whole grains and laced with nutritious seeds.