Data Analysis

By: Academic Consulting  05-Apr-2012

If you've collected your research data but run out of time/expertise to complete the analysis, then Academic Consulting can assist. We are able to perform both quantitative (SPSS/PASW) and qualitative (NVivo) analysis for your project, so that you can focus your time on the "bigger picture" i.e. interpretation and write-up.

In addition to providing data analysis, we can also assist with the following aspects of the data analysis process:

  • Set-up of PASW (SPSS) data files
  • Set-up of NVivo projects ready for coding and analysis
  • Creation of graphs in PASW (SPSS) or Excel

[Please note that while we provide support and training for PhD and Masters students in relation to the data analysis process, we do not undertake analysis on their behalf.]