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By: Abilities  06-Dec-2011

The ABTEC – PCBA Operations division provides a COST EFFECTIVE and FULL SERVICE contract assembly services to the electronics industry.

We populate Printed Circuit Boards, both conventional through–hole and Surface Mount.  To ensure the highest quality possible, our SMT assembly facility in our factory is a fully enclosed, clinical, air-conditioned and controlled environment.  This minimises any problems with dust as well as humidity problems with moisture sensitive devices. Completely ESD safe, with all SMT personnel geared up with anti-static coats, wrist straps and boot straps. Printed circuit board assembly capabilities: - Single and double sided printed circuit boards
- Semi-automatic stencil solder paste printer
- Automatic pick and place machine for surface mount devices placement
- Through-hole components
- Conventional reflow oven (lead free capable)
- Vapour phase reflow oven (lead free capable)
- Wave soldering (leaded only)
- Quick turn around
- No MOQ
No stencils? No problem!  Our automatic pick and place machine also dispenses solder paste directly on to the PCB pads from the placement files, excellent for prototyping jobs (saving you time and money on stencil costs and faster turnaround)

We also have SMT hand placement equipment.  Excellent for if you have something simple and you want it done quickly, you have the bare board and components, just send it to us and we'll get it done quickly.

Additional PCBA process options:

- Conformal coating to protecte your PCBA boards and mitigate corrossion
- PCBA board washing to remove contaminants

Testing and programming:

Abtec can develop and build automatic functional test rigs to test your circuit boards.  Your only capital outlay is in the pin jig module that interfaces onto our base test and configuration system.  Automatic testing and programming makes it quicker and easier, saving you time from not having to do it manually, and also ensures that only good product goes out to your customers. Test capabilities:
- Pin jig or black box
- Analogue voltages
- Digital input/output
- Controlled power supply unit
- Serial port communication
- Microprocessor or memory programming
- In-line label printing
- Reporting data

Production operator capabilities:

- ESD safety awareness
- Trained to IPC-A-610D standards
- Customer rework jobs, delicate modifications

Quality Assurance:

At Abilities, we take pride in producing good quality work.  Being ISO 9001:2008 certified, we have a continuous improvement culture where all individuals are responsible to do a good job and check their own work and raise a quality alert at the first sign of any problems.

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