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By: Abacus Group  06-Dec-2011
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Abacus offers a range of services for businesses and individuals, they are:

The best way to find out which insurance provider is best for you is to talk to one of our specialists about your situation. After you’ve worked through a needs analysis with them they will be able to provide you with the best solution to meet your needs.

Abacus has the power to advocate on your behalf to New Zealand’s leading insurance companies and negotiate the best possible deal to meet your needs.

Keywords: Abacus, Insurance Companies

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Insuring what you value - Abacus Group - products

We also meet with you on an annual basis to review your changing needs and to ensure your financial risk management plans align with your circumstances. They identify the best solutions to meet your needs and they advocate on your behalf to the various insurance companies. One of Abacus’ specialists meets with you face-to-face, to listen to your goals and to conduct a needs analysis.


Insuring what you value - Abacus Group - life

Life insurance is the only insurance you don’t buy to protect yourself – you buy it to help your family and dependents cope financially when you are not around to provide for them. Cost depends on the following things: your age, health and gender; the amount of cover you choose and whether or not you smoke. Life insurance is essential if your death is going to negatively impact on someone else financially.


Insuring what you value - Abacus Group - trauma

It pays a lump sum or a regular income when you are diagnosed with specified illnesses or injuries, making it easier for you and those closest to you, to cope financially. A lump sum payment could allow you to pay off your mortgage and debts or, if you’re in business, ensure your business can continue to run smoothly.


Insuring what you value - Abacus Group - income

It is an important way of making sure that while you may lose the ability to work for a living due to illness or injury. Income protection provides a regular income in the event that illness or injury leaves you unable to work. It’s interesting how a lot of people are committed to maintaining car and house insurance payments. This is especially important when you have increased financial responsibilities such as mortgages.


Insuring what you value - Abacus Group - health

Health insurance gives you choice and control and ensures you have prompt access to the best healthcare services when you need them. Your age, health status, the types of benefits you choose, along with the level of excess, will influence the cost of your premium. Full cover for cost of surgeons and anesthetist, and hospital charges in relation to stay required for medical illness or surgery.