By: Aapt  06-Dec-2011

Share applications, communicate between offices and increase productivity.

An AAPT IP VPN (Virtual Private Network) is the secure and effective way to do all three.

Establish your own virtual private network

AAPT Business VPN empowers you to create a cohesive and productive network of sites to ensure premium efficiency across your business.

  • Connect offices – instantly and securely share voice, data and video applications across your network.
  • Flexible access – personalise each of your business sites with the appropriate access to maximise productivity and reduce overheads.
  • Manage performance – with intuitive reporting you can proactively monitor performance and address potential network issues.

AAPT IP VPN services – built from the ground up

From your Head Office to your smallest site, our VPN delivers a true end-to-end quality of service that seamlessly connects people across your business.

Other products and services from Aapt


Midband Ethernet e-LAN | AAPT

AAPT Business e-LAN enables you to comprehensively manage connectivity over your network, enabling geographically dispersed locations to easily interact and share mission critical data. Comprehensive QoS capability– with a number of QoS packages to choose from, you can also effortlessly prioritise how specific types of traffic are run across your network.


Midband Ethernet e-Line | AAPT

AAPT Business e-Line is available in point to point or point to multipoint configurations, providing unprecedented connectivity to your geographically dispersed sites. Delivered over AAPT’s robust MPLS Network backbone, AAPT Business e-Line ensures the efficient carriage of your bandwidth-heavy business traffic.