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By: A B Industries  06-Dec-2011

Asset managers, reliability engineers and other key personnel within heavy industry sectors know only too well the difficulties that can be faced as mechanical equipment nears the end of its working life.

Typical problems may include increased friction resulting in increased wear; high vibration levels, and emissions. Downtime of critical equipment often increases as a result of such issues.

At AB Industries we address these issues by providing remanufacture solutions for a wide range of rotating equipment, aiming to ultimately decrease downtime and consequently increase profitable time of equipment.

Solutions include complete overhaul of equipment, remetalling of plain bearings, parts supply, and industrial lubricant solutions to help extend the life of critical equipment assets.

Typical equipment remanufacture solutions for heavy industry sectors includes:

We'd love to provide a remanufacture solution to bring your mechanical equipment back to 'as new' condition.

to discuss a remanufacturing solution to decrease your equipment downtime and extend the life of your critical equipment assets.

Other products and services from A B Industries


Power generation solutions for turbine bearings, generators, transmissions

The Alloy Bearings team provides bearing remetalling services to power stations throughout New Zealand and Australia. Bearing refurbishment or manufacture for most major power stations in New Zealand. Bearing refurbishment for dairy co-generation plants in New Zealand. Solutions provided for the Power Generation industry include.


Marine genset and main engine rebuilds, stern tube remetalling

Large crankshaft and engine component inspection, hardness testing, ultraviolet magnet particle inspection, alignment measuring, journal grinding, radii re-profiling, shot peening to MIL spec. Overhaul and commissioning of Caterpillar D399, V16 cylinder main engine for the Western Ranger fishing vessel. Supply and ancilliary reconditioning for main engine approximately 3000HP. Examples of solutions provided for the marine industry include.


Locomotive engine rebuilds and manufacture suspension bearings for rail

Remanufacture of points machines and standby generator sets for signalling applications. Ongoing remetal and new manufacture of locomotive suspension bearings. Premium rebuild of Cummins KTA1150L engines for shunt locomotives. In-situ inspection and replacement of main and big-end bearings. Premium rebuild of a Caterpillar 398 locomotive engine.