Compelling website crucial for online advertising success

Compelling website crucial for online advertising success from Rock Media Ltd - Internet Advertising Specialists

By: Rock Media Ltd - Internet Advertising Specialists  03-Jun-2011
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Compelling website crucial for online advertising success

By Lania Rock


Internet advertising can bring traffic to your site but it can’t sell your product for you – your website should do this. 

Many companies expect internet advertising to be the magic bullet that will not only bring them a flood of website visitors but will also turn these visitors into sales.

Rock Media Managing Director, Lania Rock says, “Internet advertising will bring the visitors you want but your website needs to turn that visitor into a query or a sale.

“This is where compelling website text and good web design are crucial.”

Advertisers need to keep this in mind when reviewing internet advertising performance. 

“Internet advertising can be hard to beat when it comes to generating website traffic, but it needs to be backed up by an interesting and informative website that is easy to navigate and asks for the sale.

“You would be surprised how many websites that have cost thousands of dollars do not perform,” she says.

From her marketing and media experience Lania has seen business owners place an advert in a printed directory each year for $5,000 and some do not really know how many queries or sales resulted directly from this ad.

Lania says if the same amount was spent in internet advertising like Google AdWords, business owners would know exactly how many website visits they received, how long people stayed on their website, and where they were located. Conversion tracking can track whether visits were converted into sales or not. 

Lania makes it clear the advantage and disadvantage of internet advertising is that it is so measurable.  “Placing an advert in your local printed directory you may say at renewal time – ‘hmmm I probably got 10 calls from that but can’t be sure. However, with internet advertising you know how many visits, inquiries and sales you received from your dollar spent.

She says the disadvantage is that internet advertising may point out the deficiencies in your website by bringing plenty of traffic to your website but if this does not lead to sales either your website is not aligned with your marketing, (that is people get to your site to find that you do not supply what they were looking for) or your website is not easy to navigate and is letting you down.

Lania suggests that yougo into this medium with realistic expectations, expect more web traffic, expect a better return on your investment compared to traditional mediums and expect to learn more about what people are searching for around your product or service.

“Regardless of the advertising medium you use, the most important thing when talking to new enquirers or clients is to ask and record how they heard about your business.  Then you can compare different mediums, track their performance and make informed decisions about where to put your marketing money.”

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