New Legislation could mean Rising Insurance Premiums

New Legislation could mean Rising Insurance Premiums from PlanWise

By: PlanWise  02-Mar-2009
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Surveys indicate that in the face of this economic recession, the majority of people are mose concerned about the following:-

Increased costs of Living
Job redundancies
Fixing mortgagesat the best possible interest rates break costs.
Consolidating debt
Tightening up on cash flow
Profit Loss

Planwise can help!

We are in the business of giving you the best advice the best solutions.

We advice that you review your risk, review your mortgage options, review your interest rate and learn the secrets of a successful business and financial planning for the futre.

Did you know that your insurance premiums can be fixed or floating?

Most people choose a floating premium when they first take out their policies. This is often cheaper in the begining, but can end up costing you considerably more in the long term. By fixing your premiums at todays rates you could infact save literally 1000's over the long term.

For a accurate comparision and quote on how you may be able to save money on your premium dollar call us today.

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