Total and Permanent Disability Insurance in NZ

By: Brave Day  06-Dec-2011

It makes sense to spend a few dollars to cover your family if anything prevents you from working for the rest of your life.

It doesn't happen very often, but it does happen. People who've spent a lifetime
developing skills and abilities to build a career on, suffer an illness or injury that
means they'll never work again.

Imagine having a major event - whether it's an accident, illness, injury, or even mental
illness - and not being able to earn an income for the rest of your life. Total and permanent disability Insurance covers exactly that situation - and because it's not a common claim, premiums are comparatively low.

How it works

Here's how Total and Permanent Disability works: if you suffer an illness or injury that stops you working, and you can't return to the job you had before your accident or illness ever again, you get paid.

In over nine years of business, we've had only two claims for total and permanent disability, and the payouts were at opposite ends of the scale.  The first was a (relatively) smaller claim of $100,000; the second was for $1.6 million. During the first claim process, we went with the client to a medical appointment to provide support. We also made sure
our client wasn't misled into providing information that wasn't relevant, that might have jeopardised their claim.  Our second claimant is still receiving both professional and personal ongoing support from our team.

And as with all the insurance we sell, BRAVEday is there for you at claim time, making the process as smooth for you as it can be. In fact, we see looking after you at claim time as
our core business - the rest is just preparation for that day.

Take action

Contact us to talk about the life you want, and how to make sure it happens, no matter what.

The information in this article was current at 02 Dec 2011

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