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By: 90 Degree Coaching  06-Dec-2011

Many women are silently struggling in their marriages, feeling under-valued, under-appreciated. Perhaps you are one of them? Maybe you have even reached the point where you are considering leaving your husband.Maybe you have tried talking to your husband about how you feel, but it usually ends up in an arguement. After a while, you give up, but the anger and resentment continue to build. And as a result, the marriage breaks down.

In 'The Marriage Plan' we share strategies such as how to share goals and grow together as a team, how to address each other's irritations in a constructive way, and rediscover the man you fell in love with. We help to clear the confusion so you know what decision is right for you.

There is also a 'Random Act of Love' print-out sheet to share to get you both loved up again!

All this is just $10


'Leaping Forward' eBook

Would you like to discover the secrets that could transform your business to one of prosperity and ease…without any more struggling? Then this eBook is a must-have. You get 19 pages full of tips from 5 highly successful fem-preneurs giving you new depths of understanding when it comes to starting and running your own business.We share how to re-ignite your passion for your enterprise, upping your marketing strategies including social media, charge higher fees, and how to juggle it all when you also have a family!

Be inspired to attract more success, money and joy into your life.
And only for $10

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'Confidence in 6 Weeks'

Whether you are a stay at home mum or fully fledged business woman, everyone needs to exercise their confidence 'muscle'. We are all born with the same level of confidence, though for most of us throughout childhood and adolescence, it gets depleted. The current self image you have is the result of the repeated messages and instructions you received as a child from yourself and the authority figures in your world.
Confidence needs to be built, maintained and sustained.

This home study course is the 'play at home' version of confidence coaching, which is perfect if you want a taste of what coaching is about without paying for 1:1 sessions.
It's been designed as a 6 week course, but you can work at your own pace.
You also get your own downloadable action guide, an extra 20 page document full of further tips, inspiration, exercises and space for you to capture your key insights that will emerge for you over the 6 weeks.

"Kirstie's Home Study Confidence course is a gentle yet powerful course that will take mums step-by-step through the process of regaining her confidence and moving forward in her role as both mother and woman. Highly recommended!"
- Marilynn McLachlan, founder of Mums On Top

Stop limiting yourself from what you really want to achieve in life.
Value yourself and invest just $37.


'The Complete Toolkit for Parents'

Perfect for Parents and Organisations that Support or Employ Parents

Addressing seven hot issues developed after years of research in the UK, Kirstie has designed this seven week workshop series specifically to give parents their life, identity, energy and time back.

Topics include:

Making a Comeback - Rebuilding YOU Guilt Free ME Time
Eradicating Your Gremlins Mental/Physical & Emotional Health
On-Ramping (Back to Work/Or Not) Relationships: Survival of the Fittest
Achieving Work/Life Balance

'Leveraging in Business'

Perfect for Entrepreneurs, Business Development Managers and Leaders

Learn how to increase your income without increasing your hours.
Attain clarity and certainty around what leveraging is and how you can apply it to your own business - today.
Be inspired, get fresh ideas and make new connections.
Walk away with your personalised, ready to implement, step-by-step action plan.

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**DISCLAIMER: Please note from 31st March 2011 90 Degree Coaching will no longer be trading.

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