3T Cycling - EXTENDO

By: 3t Cycling  05-Apr-2012

EXTENDO is an ultra-wide flat bar, 740 mm (29”) in width, with a 12° rearward sweep. The bar outer sections are 3 mm eccentric to the central clamping section, so rotating them forwards or backwards in the stem produces a marked up- or down-sweep at the ends. It’s aimed at riders who need extra steering leverage to tackle extreme terrain. At 225 g, EXTENDO TEAM is light for such a broad, strong handlebar.

New for 2012:

Stealth EXTENDO, in two-tone black, to match new frameset finishes

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3T Cycling - AURA

AURA comes with S-bend extensions as standard, but owners can swap in any of 3T’s range of extensions, including the VV Shape deep-S bends. AURA shares its basic architecture with MISTRAL, but its basebar has a simplified top skin and top-mounted extension clamps. Simplicity, low weight, and efficient production keep the price low for such an advanced component.


3T Cycling - BREZZA II

The Mark II model has a re-designed, lighter aerofoil basebar, symmetrical in section and with a pronounced forward sweep, that's shared with 3T's Track bars. BREZZA II is a pro-level aerobar that mounts on conventional stems such as the 3T ARX range. Straight, ski-bend, and VV Shape deep-S extensions are also available as 3T Accessories. BREZZA II meets UCI rules and is standard equipment on pro race team bikes.


3T Cycling - BREZZA II nano

Straight, ski-bend, and VV Shape deep-S extensions are also available as 3T Accessories. Shortening the basebar to 30-cm width cuts weight and reduces frontal area.


3T Cycling - MISTRAL

MISTRAL has multiple cradle mountings in the top skin of the base bar, providing 16 positions from narrow-aero to wide-aero. It is a direct descendant of the original BREZZA and is mostly built of carbon-fiber composites. Riders of very different anatomies and aerodynamic posture should find a perfect bike fit. MISTRAL meets UCI rules on aerodynamic form factor and can be used in any UCI event.


3T Cycling - VENTUS II

The basebar is all-new, and helps cut weight to 730 g, 15% lighter than the original that in the hands of Fabian Cancellara and Gustav Larsson won gold and silver at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The standard straight carbon-fiber extensions can be swapped for S-bend or ski-bend extensions, for a perfect custom fit for champion athletes of every physique.


3T Cycling - ZEFIRO

The rider’s forearms rest on silicon pads on the basebar’s upper surface, while hands and wrists fall into a natural position on the aerofoil handrest. ZEFIRO provides comfort for solo efforts and control for sprinting and climbing, perfect for century, sportive, and short-course triathlon riders. ZEFIRO fuses the power and control of the road racer’s drop bar with the low-drag form of the chrono rider’s aerobar.


3T Cycling - ERGOTERRA

ERGOTERRA is a wide drop bar for cyclocross, with flared drops for elbow clearance on rough ground, and a reinforced central section for crosstop levers. It has the same compact drop and reach as the well-liked ERGOSUM road bar, tailored to provide more control over technical terrain. The drops angle outwards by 6°.


3T Cycling - ERYX

This provides space for controls like the suspension lockout lever and new-generation lighting systems, and solves the problem of cockpit overcrowding. Even when this full-width bar is cut down to a racing width of 570 mm, a full 190 mm is available for attachments. In-depth material analysis allowed us to reduce the width of the oversize center section to a minimum.


3T Cycling - XIDA

The oversize center section is reduced to a minimum, providing 190 mm for attachments even when the full-width bar is cut down to a racing width of 570 mm. Careful materials analysis let us rethink even this simplest of patterns to provide a more spacious cockpit and fine adjustment. XIDA has a 3.5° back sweep, while the bar’s outer sections are offset by 3 mm on the oversize center section.


3T Cycling - ERGONOVA

The egg shape rolls through 180 degrees at the bend into the forward extension, placing the palms naturally on the brake hoods and ergonomic drops. The top of the bar is egg-shaped in section – the longer radius provides a wider top surface for the hands. ERGONOVA sets a new standard in comfort riding, appreciated by pros and amateurs.


3T Cycling - ERGOSUM

The bend’s tight radius at the brake lever mounts makes it easy to accurately adjust the reach and angle of the handhold. With so many riders now spending more time on the hoods, this shape has become the modern race standard. 3T created the ERGOSUM bend to fit the latest brake-shifter levers. Modern racing bar with a remarkable strength-to-weight ratio. ERGOSUM is shallower than traditional drop bars.