Professional Web Development and Consulting - content management and blogs

By: 3months  06-Dec-2011

3months offers a range of open source options for you to manage your website content. We have successfully developed some of the biggest sites in New Zealand, using best-of-breed open-source content management systems (CMS) and blogging applications. These products offer unparalleled power and functionality, without any licensing costs and with the knowledge that they are supported by a highly-skilled, international development community.

The 3months team can fully customize these open-source products to meet your needs. Our experts in graphic design, information architecture and usability will ensure your site works for all your target audiences. We use best-practice X/HTML and CSS mark-up to make light-weight sites that work reliably across all browsers and comply with e-government standards. Our sites are always intuitive, accessible to all users (including disabled users and users with older software/hardware) and look great.

  • Independent consulting to ascertain appropriate CMS products/solutions
  • Custom-built CMS solutions
  • Customised implementation of CMS or Blog products

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