Rhino 3D :: Rhino for Marine Design

By: 3dm-world  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Rhino, Marine Design

Rhino 3D is ideal for marine design and has captured the enthusiasm of naval architects and boat builders world-wide.

Our customers are using Rhino to design and build everything from submarines to kayaks, canoes, dinghies, power boats, offshore racing power boats, super yachts, Americas Cup yachts, to water taxis, ferries, and ships.Our staff have trained many naval architects and boat builders; plus we offer marine design modelling services. An example of our ability in this area is the Etchell Yacht seen above right, which was modelled in Rhino from PDF plans.For marine design we sell and support a number of specialist plug-ins. For Hull Design & Fairing, Intact Stability / Hydrostatics, Speed / Power Analysis and Weight / Cost Tracking; we offer . For nesting boat parts prior to machining, we offer . And finally, for machining sheets by CNC Plasma Cutter or CNC Router, we offer

Keywords: Marine Design, Rhino

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Sales, Support, Consultancy, Training, Modelling Services

The 3DM-World Group offers Rhino 3D sales, training, technical support, software application consultancy, design consultancy and 3D surface modelling services, operating in Australia and New Zealand. Each trading company was founded by Tim Elliot.


Rhino 3D :: Rhino for Product Design

With Rhino 3D you'll orchestrate concepts from sketches to styling through engineering and see your mock-ups manufactured with ease.To speed up your design time or accomplish tasks that would be difficult in Rhino, add For marketing and simulation, add,, to your palette of World class design tools.For manufacturing, add, and.


Rhino 3D :: Rhino Future Technologies

The major technical challenges have been overcome, but there is still much left to do. Rhino is not yet available for use natively on the Apple Mac OS X operating system.


Rhino 3D :: Interface

Start with a sketch, drawing, model, or only an idea–Rhino provides tools to accurately model your design–ready to render, animate, prototype, analyze, draft and build. Born out of a compulsion to create, a fascination with free forms, and a passion for precision – Rhino satisfies the obsession to dream, explore and design in 3d.