Technology - Two shocks, two stages, two pivots, two axle paths

By: 2stage Bikes  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Air Shock

Two shocks, two stages, two pivots, two axle paths. Simple.

The 2Stage dual air shock technology is a simple, low maintenance, high performance platform that will give you the confidence and control to tackle any track fearlessly.

2 Shocks:
The first stage shock is always active and custom tuned for small bumps. The second stage shock is custom tuned for big stuff and will lock out during acceleration or climbing. The transition is seamless and the action is sequential.

2 Pivot Points:
There are only two main pivot points! The lower pivot is for small bumps and maintains a short chainstay for tight turns, and the higher pivot if for big stuff, and happens deeper in the stroke creating a longer chain stay for stability.2 Axle Paths:
The fi rst axle path is mostly vertical and follows the trajectory of small bumps. The second axle path is more rearward and follows the trajectory of larger square edge bumps.Idler Function:
The idler cog routes the chain between the two pivot points keeping the suspension active on small bumps with no pedal feedback, but it locks out the second stage shock during climbing or acceleration.Lockout Function:
Chain tension provides a lockout function of the second stage shock limiting the travel of the system by half. There are no lockout levers, switches or knobs; it’s intuitive, the harder you pedal the fi rmer the pedalling platform. The first stage shock will still be active for traction duties.

Keywords: Air Shock

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