USB Accessories and Battery Packs for USB Solar Panels

By: 21st Century Goods  06-Dec-2011
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Use your Sunlinq USB solar panels for multiple applications

21st-Century-Goods has USB Accessories and USB batteries packs that are perfect for the Sunlinq USB Solar Panels. Charge Tekkeon and Zap portable battery packs to store power and charge your gear later. The Zap RX4 charges 4 AA batteries to use as a USB battery pack or use the batteries separately. The Energizer duo Charges 2 AA or AAA batteries so you could turn your AA battery flashlight into a solar rechargeable flashlight. The Earhugger 4 way charging system can use the USB solar output to charge multiple phones with 8 adapter tips. Why have a USB solar panel for only one use when you can do so much more with it.

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