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Tri-Alphametics are fun and challenging addition-based puzzles that are solved using pure logic (you should never need to guess). As these puzzles are based on mathematical addition of two numbers, they are suitable for all ages. The objective is to decode the numeric phrase at the bottom of the page and discover the hidden word.

Each letter in the three equations at the bottom of this page can be exchanged for a number (e.g., all A's might be 7, and all T's might be 0). You must figure out the number that is associated with each letter, so that the equations add up correctly. There is only one solution.

Once you have done this, you are able to convert the string of numbers at the bottom of the page back into letters to decode the phrase. Finally, using your knowledge of the phrase, select three words, one from each equation, and add them together to reveal the hidden word.

As these puzzles are based on addition, they are suitable for students and adults of all ages. Of all the puzzles presented in this document Tri-Alphametics are the most applicable to classroom use. They promote problem solving skills and logical inference. As these puzzles are based on logic they do not alienate the less able students and in some cases these students are able to solve them faster than more rational or formal approaches made by more able students.

Keywords: Puzzles

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