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Sofas, chairs, cushions. If it’s upholstery, you can count on 0800tulips to put that just-bought bloom and fresh, clean smell back into natural and synthetic fabrics, and even leather.

Stain Treatment

How much time do people in New Zealand spend on the couch? In New Zealand we spend a significant amount of quality time on the sofa is it’s the main focal point of our lounge.
The main types of stains that we remove are: spillage of drinks be it tea, coffee, wine, cordial, chocolate and milk to name a few. The stains can often be removed with our normal cleaning process.
However certain stains may need specialist treatment due to the nature of the stain and age of stain. 0800tulips are professional Upholstery cleaners making them the business of choice for many New Zealand and Auckland households.

Services we offer for Upholstery

Steam cleaning
Stain removal
Soil Guard
Scotch Guard
Fabric Guard
Condition and polish leather furniture

Your health may depend on it

The fact is cleaning carpets and upholstery go hand in hand and for much the same reasons. Your health may depend on it. That’s because the microscopic dust particles we bring inside on our clothes, and skin cells we constantly shed, fall into upholstery fabric weave to feed waiting dust mites. These microscopic creatures aren’t a problem in themselves, it’s their droppings (faeces)! A major cause of allergies and asthma attacks! The trouble is, even regular vacuuming with a domestic cleaner isn’t enough to get rid of mite droppings.

Carpets and upholstery in the one 0800tulips house call

Our advice is to combine professional carpet and upholstery cleaning into the one 0800tulips house call. There’s a number of ways to go about this. Get an estimate from our booking team and give your approval for the total job; have our technician give a price while they’re carpet cleaning at your home (if you approve the cost, there’s every chance you’ll get the job done there and then); or get a price from the cleaning technician for a come-back upholstery cleaning visit.

Specialised, fast and efficient

Employing specialised upholstery cleaning heads, the system we use is basically the same as for carpets. In a matter of seconds cold water is heated into jets of steam that forces our proprietary eco-friendly cleaning agents deep into the fabric flushing out dust mites, dust mite droppings, dust particles, skin cells, hair, dirt, grime, etc. A millisecond later powerful suction draws up this debris together with any cleaning agent and moisture. As soon as the cleaning head has passed over the upholstery it is virtually dry with no sticky feeling. By the way, before cleaning we use our professional skills to treat any stains.

After cleaning we do recommend a fabric protector to prevent stains and permanent damage. An inexpensive way to protect your investment.

With leather we have our ways to restore lustre and flexibility. We can’t say anything more than that! But trust us you won’t believe your eyes at what we can achieve.

Some answers to questions we’re typically asked…

Q: If I combine carpet and upholstery cleaning and follow the 0800tulips advice of regular professional cleaning won’t this wear out my upholstery?

A: No, not at all. Generally upholstery fabrics are not as resilient as carpet which is why we use special upholstery cleaning heads for a gentle but thorough clean.

Q: What’s the risk of shrinkage?

A: Next to nil. The time between steam and cleaning agents going into the fabric weave and being removed by suction is so short your upholstery literally hasn’t time to get wet enough to cause any shrinkage.

Q: How long will it be before we can sit on our fresh cleaned upholstery?

A: Depending on drying conditions, about three hours. Sooner if you heat the house up, but do remember to open windows for air circulation, and don’t leave heaters unattended.

Q: Do you do cushions?

A: Yes, just like upholstery they can harbour dust mites and require professional 0800tulips cleaning.

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