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By: 0800 Candyfloss  06-Dec-2011
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School galas / fundraising events :
We pay you 25% of the profits (cash at end of event) –no costs to you. (This is a whole lot more than most icecream trucks and coffee sellers -the standard rate is 10%)! We are self sufficient with our own staff and equipment. We are set up with multiple candyfloss machines to produce high volumes of candyfloss made “fresh on the stick”.

No cancellation fees –no costs to you at all

. We sell a stick of candyfloss (which incidentally contains less sugar than a 300ml soft drink) for $2.50 and large resaelable plastic bags of candyfloss for $4. Our caravan only requires a space of 4m x 2.5m. We just require a power point (we have our own extension cables).

Corporate events / Xmas parties :
If you do not wish people to pay, enquire about our flat rate “unlimited supply” deal.

Shopping Malls / Shopping Mall Promotions:

We have a small and attractive stall for indoor use - a drawcard in the school holidays that helps bring a carnival atmosphere. Call us to make a mutually beneficial arrangement !

Large events / A& P shows / Expos :
We can cater for large events using our own staff and multiple machines to cope with large demand.

Battery powered quad bike hire for ages 3-7 operates at walking speed only :
We have four Kawasaki Ninja Quad bikes for hire at $25 each (only if you are also using us to provide the candyfloss). Schools need to provide someone (preferably two people) to collect money and supervise- a roster is great. Schools usually charge $2 for 5 min. Must be flat asphalt or concrete surface –not a big space – half a netball / tennis court is plenty. We have cones to mark out a course –you need a desk, a float, and a stopwatch (most cell phones have a stopwatch function). These are very appealing and popular – often there are rides for older children but not the little ies! Batteries last 2.5 to 3 hours.

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